New Card Is A Tool For Your Wallet


We’ve seen some pretty cool techy business cards, like the USB Business Card Drive, but not any cards that can be used for a practical purpose like these New Cards. Thin enough to fit right into your waller, the New Card integrates items of everyday use right into your wallet.

The toothpick + mirror card might save you on a date, keeping stray spinach from slipping in between your pearly whites. Want a beer, but are far too lazy to take the cap off with your sensitive hands? Whip out the bottle opener card. Integrate a disposable RFID tag into this, and you’ll have one awesome tool.


Andrew Dobrow


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  1. Hi,

    I am interested in purchasing the card bottle opener and card shoehorn as pictures on this side. I wonder where or which company I can contact.

    Thanks in advance.


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