February 28, 2015

Microwave With TV And DVD Playback Makes Its Debut

DVD TV Microwave

I, like many gadget aficionados out there, demand entertainment 24/7. That’s why this new microwave with a built-in TV and DVD player that recently made its debut at IFA 2007 is so appealing. Now I can finally catch up on around 2 minutes of my favorite movie while I wait for my burrito.

Specs include: a 10,2″ TFT screen, SD,MMC,MS card and USB compatibility, and support for DVD/DIVX, SVCD,VCD,DVCD,CD,HDCD,MP3,MP4,Picture-CD, and CD-R / CD-RW. More pictures are available after the jump.

DVD/TV Microwave

DVD/TV Microwave

Sean Fallon

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