Low Resolution Halloween Costume is a Little Late to the Party


Ok, so this costume WOULD have been awesome had we heard about it, say, a week and a half ago, but alas, Halloween has come and gone and now we’ll have to wait another full-year before we can dress up in this Low Resolution costume, and possibly make up for our awful Borat costume we’ve worn for the second Halloween in a row. Well, I guess we could really dress in a costume any day of the year if we wanted, we’d just risk being arrested for disturbing the peace.

This clever costumer used pixelized face paint and a blockish collared shirt to make themselves appear as a low resolution image. I would have added the Pixel necklace for even extra effect. Pure genius.

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One comment

  1. You guys know there is such a thing as cosplay, right?
    Like, not on Halloween?

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