Liquid Cooled Motorcycle Case Mod: Green With Envy


Forget about the fact that this is even a PC, but even if this were a real motorcycle, the green LED glow would capture my attention. Now, imagine being able to have this Motorcycled Case Mod in your office or computer den.

This liquid-cooled Motorcycle Case holds the tradition of other vehicle themed case mods, but goes completely overboard with the modding, leaving the PC as just a footnote on the rump of the bike.


Andrew Dobrow

Link [via]

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  1. Holy cow I want it. And not just because I’m required, by marriage, to love nVidia. That is pretty badass.

    Came in from twitter. I’ll add you to google reader now. :)

  2. There was a geater PC mod – dedicated to Pink Floyd’s The wall

  3. Hi,
    Is this available for sale
    If not are there any links to extreme cases for sale.



  4. where can I buy this please reply

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