Growl: If Super Mario Bros. Was Designed By Metal Heads…

If the Castle level of Super Mario Bros. sounded like this I might not mute my TV whenever I reached this point in the game. Something about the original castle theme just irritated the hell out of me. That’s probably why it never reached the same iconic level as the other levels themes.

Props to the band Nylithia for the awesome death metal rendition. We really need a mod for this, so developers, get on it.


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  1. FUCK YEAH!!!!! METAL MARIO!!!!!

  2. AWESOME!!! First comment!

  3. I’m not a big metal fan. But this song is PERFECT for it. And these guys can rip.

  4. What’s that andrew, you’re a faggot? Seriously, turning down the volume? You are a terrible person.

  5. This just seriously pissed my cat off.

  6. Metal sucks dick

  7. What a load of shite music

  8. This is just awesome. Not a metal fan but love this!!

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