Human Skin Rug: The Most Disturbing Rug Ever


Designed by Chrissy Conant, the Chrissy Skin Rug is actually a very personal creation by the designer, signifying her relationship with her parents or some other mommy-daddy-type issue. I’m more focused on how disturbing this thing is.

It sort of looks like a slaughtered blow-up doll. If there was a blow-up doll serial killer, their home might feature a rug like this one.


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  1. ….and it’s silence of the lambs all over again!

  2. …with some fava beans and a nice chianti

  3. If I was a bear I would definately have that in my den.

  4. stupid humans, it’s always disturbing and wrong if it’s dead people but a dead cow or bear is totally awesome. stupid humanity, that’s why we’ll end up destroying ourselves.

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