DIY: Turn Your Bic Into A Laser Lighter


It’s no wonder Dr. Evil wanted sharks with fricken’ laser beams attached to their heads. Just check out what a laser can do given the right project and tools, even on a tight budget. This step-by-step video tutorial teaches you how to turn a Bic lighter into a flame shooter which ignites shit using a laser beam.

Light a fuse, ignite a cigar, brand your children. The world is yours! Video after the jump.

Link [via]


  1. there’s nothing tight budget about this lighter… if you go to the website the module is $60, and the diode $25 – and oh they sell the kit for $99….. I was disappointed when I looked further into it…

  2. The pic above shows a guy lighting a cigarette….Do NOT aim the lighter at your face! what a dumb ass..He deserves to go blind.

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