Concept car looks like a reverse tricycle


Here’s a really cool looking concept car made by a pure amateur found on Coroflot portfolios. The car doesn’t have a name or any specs, but the design was eye-catching enough to encourage us to reveal him to the public. Matus Prochaczka has a passion for automobile design and this concept car shows the passion to be one he works on.

The design brings back memories of our old tricycles we rode as children. Although there are two rear wheels, they are placed parallel from each other in one powerful design bust. If this guy hasn’t been picked up by a major company yet, he will be very soon.


Andrew Dobrow

Link [via]

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  1. Looks pretty tey :P

  2. sweet car

  3. this is one awesome looking car

  4. howdo I,make it

  5. i want on of those.

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