No Exit


A teenager who fell to his death from the wheel well of a Boston-bound airliner furnishes an example of a rarity in our time: a truly outrageous act.

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Renowned motorcycle builders create a real-life version of the Tron light cycle. It's sleek, it's masterfully builtand it's a pale reflection of the preternatural awesomeness of the 1982 movie's original.

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Green endurance: electric race car goes the distance


The SRZero goes from 0 to 60 in fewer than seven seconds. But this power doesnt come from stepping on the gasthe race-ready automobile runs on electricity. And in a coup for green technology, tomorrow the car will reach Ushuaia, Argentina and the end of a 16,000-mile journey from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska.

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Life-Size Ferrari V12 Engine Crafted Out of Wood, Available on eBay


An Australian carpenter-cabinetmaker took his talents to the automotive world with his custom DIY Ferrari V12 engine which is completely made out of carved wood. Weighing around 55 lbs, the wooden V12 is an exact replica of the actual Ferrari engine, down to every last wooden spark plug. Of course, the engine is not functional, so don’t try to strap ...

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