Monday , 20 October 2014
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The Frictionator: World’s Fastest Street Legal Jet Truck

This truck might look like your average pick-up, but inconspicuously attached to the truck’s pick-up is a General Electric J85 Jet Engine. Wouldn’t have even noticed unless I pointed it out, huh? The jet engine boosts the trucks horse power up to a massive 7000 hp, allowing the truck to hit a max speed of 200 mph. Believe it or ... Read More »

Old Bumper Cars Modded Into Street Legal Vehicles

Everybody loves riding the bumper cars. It’s even more fun when you’re with your friends and you get to bash the hell out of them. Not that I would know anything about friends. Do you think I seriously have any time for anyone else but you, sweet sweet reader? *sniff* But enough sympathy for the lonely, pathetic blogger. Check out ... Read More »

Ford Announces $650 Car

Ford has done it again. Just when we thought they were all out of surprises. Finally a car I can afford without having to go through those damn greedy banks. I can’t wait to cruise around picking up chicks in my new ride. Ford VP made a startling announcement today, unveiling their new $650 vehicle of the future. Without further ... Read More »

Periodic Table of Elements Taxis and Buses

These awesome Periodic Table of Elements Taxis and Buses serve as mobile advertisements for the Oxford Science Park in the U.K. I wonder if one of these bad boys will go up for sale after they’re done with the marketing scheme. A ride like this would go perfect with a set of Periodic Picnic Tables. Read More »

Subaru-based TRAX STI: Rally Car Meets Snowmobile

DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block began with a plain old Subaru rally car, but with the help of Vermont SportsCar created a 400 horsepower cat track monster. With a turbocharged engine and a new set of cat track tires, the Subaru-based TRAX STI provides pure rally power in alpine conditions. Based on a race ready Subaru WRX STI rally car, ... Read More »

Pimp My Pac: Pac-Man Pimps Out Yet Another Ride

There’s something about Pac-Man that draws car owners to paste him all over their vehicles. This car might not have the gullwing doors have the last Pac car we posted about, but what it does have is an additional dose of Packy flair. Everything down to the rims is adorned with Pac-love, and I’m simply loving the custom leather upholstery. ... Read More »

NYC Subways Install LCD Screens to Track Train Locations

While I’m not a New Yorker, I live in close enough proximity to the city that this is pretty exciting. New York City has installed an LCD screen at the Bedford Ave L station subway stop, testing a system that could one day allow patrons to see exactly where their train is. Updating every 15 seconds, the screen accompanies boards ... Read More »

AIDA: A New Backseat Driver to Abuse

I’m not driving with you anymore. No way. I’ve had enough bruises to last me a lifetime, thank you very much. Nope, I’d like you to meet AIDA, short for Affective Intelligent Driving Assistant. Basically this little guy will take my place, and hopefully take my place as your punching bag. I’m tired of dressing as a robot anyway. AIDA ... Read More »