March 1, 2015


Wireframe Lambo is Slightly More Affordable Than the Real Thing

While I’ll probably never be able to afford a real Lamborghini on my meager blogger’s salary, if I save up every paycheck, and every other Lambo fanatic somehow goes completely broke over the next few decades or so, than I might be able to save up enough for Benedict Radcliffe’s $65,000 Wireframe Lambo. All I want is bragging rights. Is ... Read More »

Looks Like A Garbage Truck, But Breaks Just Like a Little Apartment

This gutted UNICAT TerraCross all-terrain vehicle has been modified into a pretty slick living environment. An apartment on wheels. Sort of like an RV with attitude. While I’m not one for living on the road, I’m sure many of you who love to travel would all-but sell your soul for a mobile apartment like this. I’ll stick to my non-wheeled ... Read More »

…You Might Be a Redneck: Truck Covered in Christmas Lights

How do rednecks celebrate the holidays? Other than running down wild animals and throwing perfectly good furniture across their lawn, them good ole boys like to take about 3,000 Christmas lights and just wrap ‘em around their prized pick-up. Insert electric generator and voila, instant holiday cheer. Read More »

Lamborghini Ankonian Concept: Child of the Batmobile

Innovation meets beauty with the creation of the Lamborghini Ankonian Concept. Not your grandpapi’s Lambo, this bad boy appears to be created using reptilian metallic scales. Built like some sort of dinosaur/shielded Batmobile hybrid, the Arkonian is pretty much an orgasm in car form. Read More »

Stoplight Visually Counts Down the Seconds Until Go Time

There’s a reason everyone’s always trying to rush ahead of everyone else on the road. No one likes to get stuck at a stoplight unless they need to adjust their sack or something. The color red is considered torture to many impatient drivers. The Eko Stoplight includes a circular ticker which counts down the intervals until the light will turn ... Read More »

The Frictionator: World’s Fastest Street Legal Jet Truck

This truck might look like your average pick-up, but inconspicuously attached to the truck’s pick-up is a General Electric J85 Jet Engine. Wouldn’t have even noticed unless I pointed it out, huh? The jet engine boosts the trucks horse power up to a massive 7000 hp, allowing the truck to hit a max speed of 200 mph. Believe it or ... Read More »

Old Bumper Cars Modded Into Street Legal Vehicles

Everybody loves riding the bumper cars. It’s even more fun when you’re with your friends and you get to bash the hell out of them. Not that I would know anything about friends. Do you think I seriously have any time for anyone else but you, sweet sweet reader? *sniff* But enough sympathy for the lonely, pathetic blogger. Check out ... Read More »

Ford Announces $650 Car

Ford has done it again. Just when we thought they were all out of surprises. Finally a car I can afford without having to go through those damn greedy banks. I can’t wait to cruise around picking up chicks in my new ride. Ford VP made a startling announcement today, unveiling their new $650 vehicle of the future. Without further ... Read More »