Great Animated GIFs of Science

CrawlingCelegans-53 (dragged)

Robust and primitive, is the GIF the nematode of online imagery? it's as if C. elegans had swum down through the aeons to intersect with an image-making format engineered to express its qualities.

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Tilt-Shift Trance


Clawing open the Earth in tilt-shift imagery, set to droning industrial tones. It's more entertaining than it sounds! Video after the jump.

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Happy People


The people of the Siberian taiga, like the creatures they hunt and trap, are kept busy trying not to get bloodied or frozen, in a documentary narrated by Werner Herzog. Video after the jump.

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Grizzly Cat


Cat versus bear cub: sentimental romp, or nature red in tooth and claw? Watching the two tangle playfully in a Russian hunting camp, the line is hard to draw. Video after the jump.

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