Thursday , 24 April 2014
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It Had To Be Done: The Avatar Na’vi Fleshlight


Now that you’ve brushed up on your Na’vi grammar skills, it’s time to try out your new moves on all of those fine Na’vi ladies. In all likelihood, success isn’t going to come overnight. The probability of scoring on your first few tries are astronomically low. But there is hope! Until you hone your skills, there’s always the Na’vi Fleshlight ... Read More »

LED Shoelaces Let Out Your Inner Raver


I’ve never gone clubbing in my entire life. I find joy in the simple things in life – picking dry skin flakes from my beard, trolling weight loss forums, making sure my belly button is impeccably clean – you know, the usual hubbub. But I can imagine for the people who are into that “scene,” these glowing fiber-optic LED Shoelaces ... Read More »

LEGO Wedding Ring


Marriage. All in all it’s just another LEGO brick in the wall. Not as painful or permanent as tattoos, but just as painful to remove from your life, marriage is the ultimate commitment, when taken seriously. The LEGO Wedding Ring is the most effective way to prove your devotion. In other words, how devoted do you have to be to ... Read More »

Vintage-Styled Star Wars Fight Posters: Obi Wan Floats Like an X-Wing and Stings like a Wookiee


Live! Direct from ringside! Anakin “Darth Vader” Skywalker takes on Obi Wan “Ben” Kenobi in the rematch of the century. Doors open at 8:00 pm on the Death Star at Deck 69 of Sector N-One. Ask the locals for directions to the Hard Heart Cantina. Old Red Jalopy, also the designer of the Star Wars-themed alternative movie posters, created these ... Read More »

Han Solo in Carbonite LEGO Minifig


For some of our favorite pop culture characters, an official LEGO minifig is nothing but a pipe dream. We rely on custom producers much more talented then ourselves to create the minifigs that the powers that be at LEGO have yet to grace us with. Han Solo has been reproduced in minifig form multiple times, but finally LEGO has released ... Read More »

GEARDeals: Amazon Offering Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate for $0.01


Just as they did for AT&T’s Galaxy S release, the Samsung Captivate, is offering Verizon’s adaptation of the Android device, the Samsung Fascinate, for only $0.01, yes, one-cent, with a two-year contract. No other strings attached. I ordered a Captivate thorough Amazon when that sale was going on and saved myself a few hundred bucks. The Fascinate is equipped ... Read More »

Suckling Pig Cake is Pork-Free


Michelles Wibowo’s painstakingly detailed Suckling Pig cake was made for the Experimental Food Society Spectacular in London. Complete with vegetable garnish, an apple it its mouth and a intricate rotisserie browned skin. Wibowo’s roots are in architecture, but decided to pursue a career in cake design and sugar craft because, well, as you can see, that’s where her true genius ... Read More »