Tuesday , 30 September 2014
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Sad Keanu in LEGO Form


Have you ever felt so depressed that you felt inanimate? Sad Keanu does. He’s so deep in the dumps that he can barely move. Wait, he can’t move at all! This Sad Keanu was crafted out of LEGO bricks. Presented on the floor of BrickCon 2010. If the Sad Keanu papercraft monitor guardian wasn’t enough to keep you as depressed ... Read More »

Shot Glass Bandolier: Beware of Drunk Wookiees


If Chewbacca had known about this, he would have had no need to visit a cantina. The 36 Shot Glass Bandolier holds 36 bullet-shaped one-ounce shot glasses, each with their own lock caps. I’ve heard of fighting for you right to party, but this is ridiculous. At least this sort of explains how the whole Nazi-fighting squirrel-riding. Get your own ... Read More »

Limited Edition Pac-Man Moleskine Notebooks


There was a time where I thought Moleskine notebooks were the coolest damn thing on the planet. I would carry mine around with me everywhere I went. But then I realized, wait a second, I have nothing to write about in here. I go out, like, once a month. And when I do there is absolutely nothing eventful that happens. ... Read More »

Lifebuoy-Firing Bazooka Blasts Inflatable Safety Floats From a Distance


This year’s winner of the James Dyson Award (competitors are told to “design something that solves a problem.” Not as easy as it sounds.) could feel comfortable in both a live-saving situation at sea or a high-octane sequence in an action film. The Longreach Buoyancy Deployment System is a lifebuoy-firing bazooka that can launch inflatable life-belts up to 500 feet ... Read More »

Automatic Cake Decorator Lets Grandma Take a Load Off


It’s not that I’m against over-working geriatrics, but I’m very pro-properly decorated baked goods. And a tired grandma is an unmotivated grandma. Which is where the Automatic Cake Decorator comes into play. Grandma has spent about 45 minutes on her feet, icing and assembling the cake that I demanded for my birthday with the threat of a hellish tantrum if ... Read More »

Light Frequency Fingertips Turn Your Fingers Into an Orchestra


I played guitar off-and-on for about ten years, but I gave up my musical aspirations once I realized my fingers just weren’t made for rapid chord progressions. All the practice in the world couldn’t solve my coordination issues, or change the fact that my fingers more closely resemble sausages than most human anatomy should. Some talents you just have to ... Read More »

Armchair / Bookshelf Become One


While bookshelves might one day soon be a thing of the past, especially if projections made by eBook companies ever come to pass, today they still serve a purpose. Not quite everyone is sold on the whole books without paper pages thing. And for those people, there’s the Tatik, a Armchair / Bookshelf hybrid which provides a stylish nook to ... Read More »

Own Every Single Issue of National Geographic


20 years ago, this would have been impossible. Home computers just didn’t have the sort of hardware needed to support such massive data. But technological advancement is a hell of a thing. Moore’s Law guides the way to a future of unlimited possibilities. But let’s focus on the present. As of now, you can own every single issue of National ... Read More »

Robotic Vacuum Paths Mapped and Compared with Long Exposure Photography


When the Roomba first hit the market, everyone was like “Hey, now THIS is a gimmick I can buy into!” Roomba isn’t the only robovac on the market anymore though. In fact, quite a crowd has gathered. These photos compare three of the most popular robotic vacuums on the market, showing their paths through the power of long exposure photography. ... Read More »

An Exoskeleton for Kids


Every exoskeleton concept we’ve seen has been made for adults. What about the children? What about their fragile bones and muscles? Hell, if we had exokeletons for kids we could get them into the workforce by the age of 6. The 5.25 foot tall Kid’s Walker is a snack-sized bipedal robot suit for kiddos. At first glance it might seem ... Read More »