Monday , 20 October 2014
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Finnish Gentleman Shows Off His Impressive VCR Collection

This impressively geeky guy, who could either be a Finnish gentleman or Moe from The Three Stooges, I haven’t quite decided yet, shows off his impressive VCR collection in this video, which has a play time long enough to rank well into the scale of creepy. Featuring an over-abundance of awful green screen effects and background music from the soundtrack ... Read More »

Pleo 2.0: Reborn Dinobot Gets Updated Features


While the original Pleo might have been a dinosaur in sheep’s clothing, Innvo has decided to give the beloved dinobot another chance with Pleo Reborn. Far from heading towards extinction, the Reborn adds a heap of new features and upgrades which could potentially make Pleo a viable gift option for this year’s holiday season. While members of the PleoWorld newsletter ... Read More »

10mm of Perplexity: World’s Smallest Rubik’s Cube

I don’t care how big or small the thing is, I still won’t be able to solve the damn thing. Evgeniy Grigoriev beat his own previous record of 12mm by creating this homemade fully-functioning 10mm-across Rubik’s Cube, which comfortably earns the honor of smallest Rubik’s Cube in the world. Perhaps even cooler, a 3D-printing company named Shapeways lets you buy ... Read More »

The Clean Way to Draw on Your Walls


Anyone with kids knows that all that’s required for disaster to strike is the time it takes for a quick run to the bathroom. Turn your back on your kids for three minutes and they WILL make you pay. If every child had the ability to paint beautiful murals, wall drawing wouldn’t be such an issue to me, but that’s ... Read More »

Ice Ball Mold Lets You Make Your Own Perfect Meltable Spheres


I don’t know what the hell you could use an ice sphere for other than a clever drink coolant and possibly an elegant projectile, but I’m not sure you really need a reason to make perfect ice spheres. They’re just really neat to look at. Maybe you can hang it from the ceiling of your freezer like some sort of ... Read More »

Hydrodome BOB: The Underwater Scooter


Forget scuba diving. Too much work, not enough freedom. Underwater exploration just got a hell of a lot more entertaining thanks to Hydrodome’s BOB, or Breathing Observation Bubble. HydroBOB is best described as an aquatic scooter with a helmet. It lets you scoot around the sea without having to worry about resurfacing to take a breath. For about $25 per ... Read More »

LEGO Wiimote


You’d figure that if LEGO released a Wii Remote they’d do it right and let you build the whole thing from scratch. But seeing as there are small kids and even smaller geriatrics who regularly use the Wii, LEGO saw that it was more fitting to introduce a branded Wiimote with a little less need for technical know-how. So we ... Read More »

Add an iPhone Dock to Your iPad For Real Multitasking


Don’t be fooled. You might think you’re multitasking, but you’re not. At least not effectively. Sure, Apple finally added a “here it is, now please shut up”-version of multitasking to iOS, but what you’re really doing is pausing. You want a true multitasking experience? You’re going to have to take matters into your own hands. This simple DIY will have ... Read More »