Sunday , 23 November 2014
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4,000 Piece LEGO Chess Set


Derek Seiple constructs each LEGO Chess Set made-to-order. You pay, you name your specific color preferences and Seiple crafts a custom brick chess set made of approximately 4,000 LEGO bricks and plates. Each side of the board measures 22.75 inches, the King piece is about 4.5 inches tall. There’s just one itsy-bitsy issue. This chess set is so expensive that ... Read More »

Samsung Unveils Prescription 3D Glasses


The geek life is an ironic state of affairs. Most of us, and I’m speaking from at least seconds of research, have some sort of vision problem. Studies show that hours of staring at the computer screen can cause serious vision impairments, which hasn’t exactly worked out for us up until now. Bad vision meant an impaired 3D experience. Not ... Read More »

Gramophone iPhone Amplifier Case Also Functions as a Stand


Batteries are not included because they are not needed. The Bone Horn Stand is an unpowered phonograph-inspired iPhone case and stand which amplifies your device’s sound up to 12 decibels, simply by channeling the audio through the horn. The silicon-based amp slips over your iPhone like any other case, but gives it an audio boost and a dash of old-timey ... Read More »

Apple Unveils Two New MacBook Air Models

Picture 11

After much talk and even more speculation, Apple unveiled their newest line of MacBook Air mini-notebooks at the “Back to the Mac” event today in Cupertino. Steve Jobs announced the launch of two new MacBook Airs, one 13.3 inch, 2.9 lb. model and one 11.6 inch, 2.3 lb. model. These Airs are special though, because they are the first MBAs ... Read More »

Airbag Helmet Stuffed Inside of a Collar Made for High Fashion


The Hvding (Swedish for “chieftain”), is an airbag designed for cyclists with a taste in fashion that isn’t traditional amongst the biking community. Though we’re confident it works just fine with pimped out mobility scooters as well. Designed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, the Hvding collar contains gyroscopes and accelerometers which constantly monitor your movements, releasing the airbag hidden ... Read More »

Pantone Capsure Identifies Any Color at Any Time


Not every designer has an eye for color tones, but there are a talented few that can distinguish between colors that are only a shade or two apart. For those who have a hard time identifying and remembering certain colors that you’ve seen in nature or just on the street, Pantone has developed their very own gadget called Capsure, a ... Read More »

Scubster: The Pedal-Powered Submarine


It’s no Seabreacher X, but it will have to do. The Scubster, designed by Stephane Rousson, is a pedal-powered submersible vehicle, almost an underwater bicycle, that allows you to dive up to 20 feet underwater using your own two feet. Your pedaling powers two propellers which plunge you deeper and deeper, but not too deep, into the abyss. The Scubster ... Read More »

Inflatable Photo Studio


Every choice in life comes with positive and negative baggage. The good thing about the Inflatable Photo Studio is that you can mobilize your hobby and always have a portable spot to snap off a few B&W portraits of your favorite subject. And then, of course, there is the downside, which isn’t nearly as pleasant. The bad thing about dealing ... Read More »

Finnish Gentleman Shows Off His Impressive VCR Collection

This impressively geeky guy, who could either be a Finnish gentleman or Moe from The Three Stooges, I haven’t quite decided yet, shows off his impressive VCR collection in this video, which has a play time long enough to rank well into the scale of creepy. Featuring an over-abundance of awful green screen effects and background music from the soundtrack ... Read More »

Pleo 2.0: Reborn Dinobot Gets Updated Features


While the original Pleo might have been a dinosaur in sheep’s clothing, Innvo has decided to give the beloved dinobot another chance with Pleo Reborn. Far from heading towards extinction, the Reborn adds a heap of new features and upgrades which could potentially make Pleo a viable gift option for this year’s holiday season. While members of the PleoWorld newsletter ... Read More »