Sunday , 21 September 2014
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Chocolate Covered iPad

Looking for a surefire way of getting laid tonight? Grab yourself an iPad and cover that bitch in chocolate. Present it to your woman. Result? Super-horniness. Thank me later. Hey, it’s more romantic than Chocolate Weapons at least. Stefan Magdalinski created this idea as a birthday for his Apple-crazy Asian girlfriend. I’m pretty sure he’s still reaping the benefits as ... Read More »

Smartphone Infographic Face Off!: iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo vs. Droid Incredible

With Steve Jobs’s unveiling of the iPhone 4 at yesterday’s WWDC, the modern smartphone battleground was just cranked up a notch. Apple’s newest launch into the mobile stratosphere has already spurred much speculation of which phone will ultimately win the smartphone battle. Looking at all of the stats, I don’t think there’s much competition. AT&T just needs to get their ... Read More »

iPad Disguise Deters Thieves From Jacking Your Goods

While you’ll have to make sure you’re standing in the corner, or at least somewhere a mugger isn’t likely to be looming behind you, this clever iPad disguise hides your precious device in an actual newspaper, deterring muggers from getting all up in your grill, yo. Depending on who you want to impress, this could also be a good way ... Read More »

Crazy Uncle Ballmer to Speak During Jobs’ Keynote at WWDC

Calling Ripley’s Believe or Not! Warning, warning, this is not a drill. Steve Ballmer is in the hizouse. CEO of Microsoft, now the second most valuable tech company in the U.S. (the first spot was just recently overtaken by Apple oddly enough), Steve Ballmer is allegedly scheduled to have a 7-minute chunk of speaking time during Steve Jobs’ keynote at ... Read More »

Wiings: A Ridiculously Pointless Wii Peripheral

Designed to be used for the Bird’s Eye Bull’s Eye minigame included with Wii Fit Plus, these Wings for the Wii, or as we like to call them Wiings, are nothing short of pointless. And yes, we believe there are people who would actually buy these things. Look people, just do yourself a favor and grab a pair of oven ... Read More »

iPad XL: Finally Enough Power for Flash

It might take an iPad with a combustion engine in order to run Flash properly on a mobile device, but hey, for Farmville? Anything! Honda has engineered the hell out of this thing, said Steve Jobs, This is the worlds quietest combustion engine only 96 decibels. The revolutionary iPad XL gives you all the magic of iPad, and makes ... Read More »

Adobe Photoshop Beauty Cream

If it can make Madonna look human, just imagine what it could do for you. Apparently Adobe Photoshop Beauty Cream is also safe to rub in your eyes. Don’t mind the stinging. That’s totally normal. Temporary blindness might also occur. In fact, it probably will, but it’s so worth it. Beauty is pain! Unfortunately pain hurts. Achieve that wrinkle-free Photoshop ... Read More »

LEGO-ify Your Macbook

Etsy seller openandclose offers these awesome stickers that transform your Macbook’s keyboard into a LEGO brick-themed piece of art. Peel and stick your way to bricktastic heaven. The stickers themselves are printed on Avery MPI, a high-quality vinyl that “can stand up to a lot of abuse and repeated cleanings.” Get your own set for $15. Link [via] Read More »