Digitally Mapping the 600 Year History of Prague’s Old Town Square Clock Tower

Digital mapping is in a state of transition. It hasn’t really had a chance to become a part of the daily squeeze, but it’s at point where the brink of breaking its way into everyday life is a possibility. This presentation by mapping company The Macula demonstrates both the entertainment and technological merits of digital mapping. Displayed using digital mapping ...

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Motorized Window Curtain Automatically Follows Peeping Toms


For some people, the easy way out just doesn’t cut it. You could make a good argument that it would have been much easier just to get a curtain that comfortably fit in front of the whole window, or find some blinds that would scare people away. Even a shower curtain would work. But it’s the principle of the thing! ...

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PC Case Mod Turns Your Computer Into a Mini-Oven


If you walked into a friend’s room and saw this sitting under their desk, you’d probably be like “Um, why the hell do you have an oven in your room?” Because it really does look like a fully-functioning oven. But in reality, this is a PC case mod by Czech modder Zbyek, who woke up one morning and decided to ...

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Flash Memory Could Be 10,000 Faster in Three Years or Less


Is NAND flash memory fast enough? You tell me. Your mobile device is most likely using it right now. It seems speedy enough, but according to Sharp and Elipa’s standards, NAND is running at a snail’s pace. The two companies have teamed up to develop ReRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory), a new form of flash which improves the speed of ...

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Gamer Creates Massive Working Computer Using Virtual Minecraft Building Blocks


Craddock is not your average gamer. Better known by his online pseudonym “theinternetftw,” Craddock is one of a few crafty gamers in the process of creating a working virtual computer. In Craddock’s case, a 16-bit computer that will run entirely in Minecraft. That computer will be “Hack” compatible, meaning that it will run code meant for the Hack machine described ...

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Halo 2600 Code Visualized


Much like any other game console, Atari cartridges contained executable code along with corresponding data. Much of Atari game code is in the language of mathematics – if x is true, go to y. In this visualization of the custom Halo 2600, a adaptation of Halo for the Atari 2600 we’ve posted about in the past, each time there is ...

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Video Airbrushing: New Software Can Digitally Improve Physique of Actors


Airbrushing of celebrities was a hot button for a few years. Magazines were lambasted by blogs for their sometime extreme removal of girth from celebrities, models and public figures. Nowadays, airbrushing is more of a joke. An excuse to poke fun at the Photoshop disaster that many magazine covers have become. A new piece of software is bringing the airbrushing ...

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MacBox Pro: Hackintosh Built Inside of a Cardboard Box

When company One Block Off the Grid needed a way to spice up their Mac performance, they decided to order their own hardware. In such a rush to get the computer up and running and lacking the needed casing, employee Kalvin decided to build the computer right inside of the box the parts were shipped in. Besides the power switch, ...

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Author Writes 300,000 Books in Less Than 5 Years


I’ve always loved to write but I have never been a long-form writer. I never had the patience, nor the creativity to write anything longer than a page or two. In a way, I’ve always been the blogger I am today, despite my best efforts to one-day be a best-selling novelist. While I’m fairly certain that there’s no chance of ...

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