Wednesday , 23 April 2014
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World of Warcraft on the iPad

WoW addicts will be happy to know that there’s a way to take your addiction to the road. At least that’s what is alleged. Apparently it’s possible to run World of Warcraft on the iPad via Dave Perry’s non-commercial (yet) Gaikai game streaming service, which somehow bypasses Apple’s imprisonment of Flash and combines Java, Flash and Silverlight to create a ... Read More »

I See No Reason To Move: USB Microwave

As a professional blogger, I have about as much physical activity as your vacuum cleaner (not very much). I get to lounge around in my pajamas all day and read cool shit on the internet. Basically I’m everything you wish you could be. Sorry, it had to be said. Now BOW to me! But blogging doesn’t come without its hazards. ... Read More »

Flava Flav Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On This iPad Chain

Twitter user Stammy spotted one of the members of Atlanta rap duo UGLY rocking the hell out of this iPad chain. The iPad in question was playing a music video, we assume one of UGLY’s videos. Yeaaaaaah, booooy! Flav’s famed clock chain might be able to assure that the Flava is always punctual, but it’s got nuthin’ on the promotional ... Read More »

Baby’s First Cubicle: Being Honest with Your Kids

I’m a realist. I’m not going to promise my kid they can do whatever they want, because in reality, they’re likely never going to grow wings out of their asshole and fly. And even more realistic, they’ll almost positively never be President of the United States. I’d say the asshole wings have better odds then that. So I’ve decided that ... Read More »

iPad Bacon Case

Bacon and Apple products go together like peas and carrots. Or lamb and tuna fish. They’re both the perfect byproducts of their respective categories. Pimp your iPad with pork with the custom made Bacon iPad case. It might not be actual bacon, but it’s realistic design is enough to make you wish you had a side of eggs to go ... Read More »

First Video of iPhone OS 4 Shows Multitasking In Action

Here’s the first video we’re aware of showing iPhone OS 4 in the flesh. And what better way to showcase the OS then by playing around with its most anticipated feature – multitasking. The multitasking dock is accessed by tapping the home button twice, which reveals a multitasking pop-up dock which reveals all of your current background running apps. Apple ... Read More »

Apple iPhone OS 4 Event Recap: Multitasking and More

Today, Apple gathered together the tech media to offer a sneak peek into Apple’s iPhone OS 4. The results offered pretty much everything most of us were hoping for. Here’s a quick recap of what you might have missed. Multitasking – a new multitasking UI pop-up which allows users to switch between tasks and apps Folders – organize your applications ... Read More »

How To Install the iPad Into Your Car’s Dashboard

You’ve finally got the iPad and the novelty of playing around with it has sort of worn off. Understandable. That new gadgetexcitement can only last so long, but there are ways to extend that excitement. Check out this project which teaches you how to integrate your iPad right into the dashboard of your car. Using the Toyota Tacoma as an ... Read More »

Apple Hosting iPhone OS 4.0 Event on April 8th

I’m pretty psyched about what iPhone OS 4.0 might bring. Multitasking? A new UI with better notifications? All of the goodies that Apple might have planned have been pretty much kept under wraps in classic Apple style. For all of us who have been waiting with anticipation will be happy to know that Apple is hosting a special sneak peek ... Read More »