March 3, 2015


Apple iOS 4.1 Now Live for iPhone and iPod Touch

Greetings iPhone users. You know that big iOS 4.1 update you’ve been waiting on for what seems like centuries but has really only been since Apple’s “Special Event” last week? It’s live right now, through iTunes, here is a list of new features and updates for the iPhone and iPod Touch: Game Center: gaming meets social networking. Play multi-player games ... Read More »

Netflix Releases Official iPhone and iPod Touch Apps

Netflix promised their iPhone and iPod Touch apps would be released this summer, and here they are. Netflix officially launched their Netflix for iPhone and iPod Touch apps today into the App Store. Netflix subscribers can use this app to stream your Instant Watch movies and TV shows right from your devices. I checked out the iPhone version of the ... Read More »

GEARgasm: 43″ Ostendotech CRVD Curved Display

I wouldn’t even bother to besmirch the sanctity of the 43″ Ostendotech CRVD display and its 0.02 millisecond response time and 2880900 resolution with the mediocrity that is my computer. A display like this deserves nothing less than a custom-built gaming behemoth. Most Alienware gamer rigs are too modest for this bad boy. With its awesome curved form factor you’re ... Read More »

How to Recover Deleted Texts, Calls and Photos from Any iPhone

Taking a page right out of the textbook for Stalking 101, the iPhone Recovery Stick USB stick is capable of recovering any text, call, photo or even website that had been previously deleted from the device. Ironically only compatible with Windows, simply plug both devices into a PC and click the Start option. The rest is handled automatically. The software ... Read More »

Kindle and iPad Displays Compared Under a Microscope

Both Apple and Amazon insist that their displays are better suited for eBook reading. But they can’t both be right. So to help provide a definitive answer to the big question in the eBook community, Keith from BIT-101 put his new USB microscope to the test by getting up close and personal with both the Kindle and iPad displays. Tested ... Read More »

Apple to Add Email-Based FaceTime Functionality For iPods and iPads

If the newest iOS beta is any sort of indication, the rumors we’ve been hearing about front-facing cameras being key features of new models of the iPod Touch and iPad could be more than just a simple whisper on the streets of Cupertino. The new beta adds a new option for connecting through FaceTime via e-mail addresses, rather than just ... Read More »

Duo Succesfully Shatters Pi Record Using Home Computer

A collaboration between 54-year-old system engineer Shigeru Kondo and American computer science student Alexander Yee resulted in the successful calculation of Pi to the 5-trillionth digit using only a homemade home computer and a piece of custom software called y-cruncher. The 5-trillion milestone shattered the previous record of 2.7 trillion digits, nearly doubling past efforts. The calculation took a period ... Read More »

Russian Dude Shows Off Largest CPU Collection Ever

Some guys you can just tell have never gotten laid. This particular virgin posted images of his “humble” CPU collection on a Russian forum site. Needless to say, he’s quickly becoming the stuff of legends. His collection features hundreds of CPUs, both modern and ancient, some larger than modern day cellphones. Included in his collection are Soviet CPUs that proceeded ... Read More »

Blizzard to Starcraft II Early Birds: “You’re Going to Have to Wait”

People have started receiving their Starcraft II pre-orders in the mail. Of course, the first thing they’re going to do is through the disc in the ole drive and start gaming away. Not so. Blizzard is restricting the general audience of getting a head start over everyone else by blocking access to the game until tomorrow. When attempting to play ... Read More »