Saturday , 25 October 2014
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A Lamp Shade Made Out of Aviator Sunglasses

I’m a fan of aviator sunglasses. And it’s not because I’m trying to fit in with a particular douche bag clique. I’m beyond that. I just like the way they fit my face. I admire their style. The Celebrity Lamp by Deeply Madly Living is a light source with a twist. The lamp shade is made out of 40 pairs ... Read More »

Simpson Meets Dali: The Simpsons and The Persistance of Memory

“The Persistance of Memory” is probably the most iconic surrealistic painting of all time, instantly recognizable as the product of the the equally recognizable Salvador Dali. Flickr user Zeitan created this awesome ode to modern culture with the molding of The Simpsons into Dali’s famous pocket watch melting canvas. More than 20 years since The Simpsons first entered the limelight ... Read More »

Mario Kart Comes to Life in City Bike Lane

Living on the East Coast, I don’t hear too much about Portland, Oregon. In fact, the most I know about Portland is that it’s located somewhere between Seattle and Los Angeles, and that it has some of the coolest gaming fans in the world. How do I know it has great gaming fans? This local news story reporting from North ... Read More »

Rain Level Boots Measure Your Misery

I don’t live in a particularly flood susceptible area. But believe it or not, Jersey has its share of flood zones. I’ve never been in flood waters that went above the soles of my shoes, but from what I hear, it can’t be a fun experience. One thing I know for sure about precipitation levels is that meteorologists cannot be ... Read More »

Homer Simpson iPhone Vinyl Sticker: Mmm… Smartphone

Etsy seller Apple Jam designed this genius Homer Simpson iPhone sticker. While I’ve never seen Homer eat a piece of fruit, I’m not quite sure this counts. Mmm… technolicious. Thought we bet he’ll be saying “Do’h” when it comes out the other end. Shattered glass? No thank you. The sticker is sold out for now, but if you bug Apple ... Read More »

Twitter Illustrated: Humorous Illustrations of Actual Tweets

Illustrator Kiersten Essenpreis takes funny tweets and makes them even funnier on her genius website, Twaggies. Whenever inspiration strikes, Essenpresis designs clever illustrations depicting particularly humorous or inspired tweets. Essenpries has done about 90 illustrations so far and hasn’t showed any indication of stopping. Now I just need to think of a tweet clever enough to be preserved until the ... Read More »

Banana Boats For the Maritime-Loving Monkey

Not only is this the perfect way to adorn the cage of any monkey that’s developed a love for maritime history, but if bearded children folk singers are to be trusted, can also make calls to Beijing-jing-jing-jing. The Banana Boats by designer Jacob Dahlstrup celebrate centuries of sea living, fruit, desserts and Polish a capella bands. While I don’t know ... Read More »