Wednesday , 1 October 2014
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Turn Your Cremated Ashes Into Your Own Vinyl Record

It’s like the day the music died in reverse. The company And Vinyly lets you use your own or your pets cremated ashes to create a limited run of vinyl records. Each record holds a 24-minute segment in which you customize with final thoughts or your favorite music. For extra fees, you can add in exclusive artwork, where UK artist ... Read More »

Pi Necklace

Looking for that perfect accessory to go with your new Geometric Cube Bracelet? The Pi Necklace by RGB-Works is a mathematical beauty, rock-ible by both humans of the male and female variety. As far as I can tell, RGB-works products are only available in a select number of stores in Japan. So if you want this beauty, you might want ... Read More »

Wearable Tusken Raider Helmet

Let me tell you the fun I would have with this thing if I lived anywhere near a desert. I’d set up shop behind a sand dune on a frequently ridden ATV trail and just wait for the perfect moment to pop-up from my hidden spot, lift my gaderffii above my head and let out my best sand person roar. ... Read More »

Fine Dining for Zombies

Imagine living a life where the only thing you could eat was ungarnished, plain chicken for every single meal and nothing else. Then, you’ll have a better idea of what it’s like to live death as a zombie. The undead never get a free second to add a little variety into their diet. As soon as they crack open a ... Read More »

Rock Band in the Future

Eventually, people are going to get bored of this whole fake instrument gaming craze. Once these controllers are mastered, the people over at the Rock Band development lab are going to have to get creative. In the future, perhaps within the next decade or two, it’s possible that Rock Band could look a little something like this video. Hell, we’re ... Read More »

Eyelashes for Your Car

You have no idea the jealousy your car is capable of. About 80% of all car accidents are caused by your vehicles spite for the way you’ve been treating it. Sure, I’ll take you to get a manicure. Trip to the salon? Sure, no problem. No problem at all. Though I must say it’s funny how you have all this ... Read More »