February 27, 2015

Arts & Design

GEARDeals: All Threadless Tees for $9 Each

Every once in a while Threadless holds these awesome shirt sales where everyone of their awesome t-shirt designs are $9 each. Now is one of those times. Some of the cooler shirts have a tendency to sell out quick during these blowout sales, so you might want to head over there now to have your pick of the litter. Quick! ... Read More »

The Light That Only Turns On If You Blow In Its Ear

I never understood the whole “blowing in the ear” form of flirtation. I’ve both blown into ears and had my ears blown into and from first hand experience, ear blowing is neither exhilarating, nor an effective form of sexual coercion. I’m guessing its just one of those things that old time TV shows and movies used as a euphemism for ... Read More »

The Human Body in HTML and PHP

You know, websites and the human body aren’t that different when it all comes down to it. We both have a head, we both have a body (some beefier than others) and we both have our spots we’d prefer to be hidden to the general public. You can argue that making a baby is a much more entertaining activity, but ... Read More »

Miracle on the Hudson Recreated with LEGOs

On January 15, 2009, Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger miraculously landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the surface of the Hudson River after a collision with a flock of geese left the plane unflyable. Unbelievably, the skid landing resulted in zero fatalities, thanks to the flight skill and experience of 57-year-old Captain Sully. With the power of Twitter at our fingertips, we ... Read More »

Guy Uses Dusty Car Windows to Create Art Masterpiece Reproductions

What can you say? Every artist has a different muse and different mediums. Some choose to use paint and canvas, others rely on a single Bic pen to recreate works of art. Scott Wade? He uses dirty car windows. Wade, based out of Wemberley, Texas, uses dusty rear windows to create artistic masterpieces. Oddly enough, before Scott can apply the ... Read More »

LEGO Art Hits the Streets with Hugman

Our favorite LEGO artist, Nathan Sawaya, has decided to do something a little different this time around. His newest project takes LEGO bricks to the streets of New York City. Meet Hugman, a humanoid LEGO structure built to hug various objects in populated areas. While Hugman rarely spends more than one day in one given spot (we imagine he’d be ... Read More »

Sir Spudnik: The Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

Inspired by a craft swap project which encouraged the use of dual mediums, New York artist Sarita Maria decided to take the classic Mr. Potato Head toy and recreate him in the image of Sir Spudnik, Potato Head’s Victorian counterpart. But Maria didn’t just design a steampunk variation, she literally covered an actual Mr. Potato Head toy in metallic or ... Read More »

Lollipop Pencils Give You Something to Chew On

Rubber is an acquired taste. Sugar, everyone loves. So it makes sense that pencil chewers ditch their pencil erasers for something a bit more appetizing. Lollipop Pencils replace the standard eraser with a flavored lolly candy. If you’re a wood nibbler, I’m still short on solutions. But hopefully the sweet taste of the candy eraser will deter you from chewing ... Read More »

The Fast Food Mafia: Woke Up This Morning, Got Yourself a Bun

With Ron the Don, it’s always personal. Screw business. Did Wendy launch an ad campaign against the family? Well, business is going to have to suffer. Meet the true kingpins behind the New Jersey of the food industry, the Fast Food Mafia. You thought Ronald was dead? Think again. Just stay clear of the drive-by deep fryings and believing their ... Read More »

Turn Your Cremated Ashes Into Your Own Vinyl Record

It’s like the day the music died in reverse. The company And Vinyly lets you use your own or your pets cremated ashes to create a limited run of vinyl records. Each record holds a 24-minute segment in which you customize with final thoughts or your favorite music. For extra fees, you can add in exclusive artwork, where UK artist ... Read More »