Sunday , 21 September 2014
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Fine Dining for Zombies

Imagine living a life where the only thing you could eat was ungarnished, plain chicken for every single meal and nothing else. Then, you’ll have a better idea of what it’s like to live death as a zombie. The undead never get a free second to add a little variety into their diet. As soon as they crack open a ... Read More »

Rock Band in the Future

Eventually, people are going to get bored of this whole fake instrument gaming craze. Once these controllers are mastered, the people over at the Rock Band development lab are going to have to get creative. In the future, perhaps within the next decade or two, it’s possible that Rock Band could look a little something like this video. Hell, we’re ... Read More »

Eyelashes for Your Car

You have no idea the jealousy your car is capable of. About 80% of all car accidents are caused by your vehicles spite for the way you’ve been treating it. Sure, I’ll take you to get a manicure. Trip to the salon? Sure, no problem. No problem at all. Though I must say it’s funny how you have all this ... Read More »

Calvin & Hobbes Becomes Chewie & Han

In this perfectly produced homage to childhood obsession, designer Chris Walt created the Chewie & Han t-shirt, in honor of both Calvin & Hobbes and Star Wars. Walt is selling the shirt for $22 through redbubble. The shirt is available both with and without text. I can’t say I was a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes when I was ... Read More »

Nike Patents Back to the Future II Style Sneaker

A few weeks back we posted about a homemade pair of Back to the Future II style sneakers which were controlled through an Arduino microcontroller. The premise was good and so was the effort, but the motor on the back of the shoes was just too much of an eyesore to be practical. But we might be seeing a much ... Read More »