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Writing Ball Typewriter: The Curvy Steampunk Word Processor


The Malling-Hansen Writing Ball was originally unveiled in 1867, featuring a keyboard layout which has long since been buried in the depths of time. Did you know that QWERTY keyboards were originally designed to deter typewriter users from overburdening the keyboard with speedy typing, which would, in turn, jam the keys? But who cares. The star of the show is ... Read More »

The First Electric Lamborghini


While Tesla is still the head of the class in terms of electric super cars, there are plenty of auto-enthusiasts and Lambo devotees who still don’t have an alternative green vehicle to add to their luxury car collection. Designer Andrei Avarvarii designed the Lamborghini Minotauro as a smooth and voluptuous green alternative to the angular and sharp design of the ... Read More »

Nespresso Capsules Used to Create Coffee Powered Batteries


Vienna designers MischerTraxler, also of Automatic Cake Decorator fame, used 700 used Nespresso coffee capsules, coffee grounds, strips of copper and salt water to create these coffee powered batteries. The batteries were used to power clocks at the 2010 Vienna Design Week. Six of the batteries connected together are enough to power a tiny clock. The whole collection of batteries ... Read More »

Armchair / Bookshelf Become One


While bookshelves might one day soon be a thing of the past, especially if projections made by eBook companies ever come to pass, today they still serve a purpose. Not quite everyone is sold on the whole books without paper pages thing. And for those people, there’s the Tatik, a Armchair / Bookshelf hybrid which provides a stylish nook to ... Read More »

The Guitar Tornado Plays Tunes via Robotic Fingers


Thankfully not starring Bill Paxton or Helen Hunt, this tornado of rock barrels through anything in its path – especially disco. German artist Trimpin created the Guitar Tornado for the Experience Music Project in Seattle. But this tornado has more than form. It has function. Intermingled within the tornado is guitars connected to robotic musicians which play the guitar on ... Read More »

Multiple-Choice Diary: The Quick Way of Logging Your Day


Who has time to write in a diary these days? I understand that before the internet and before cellphones writing just for the sake of writing was the key to communication and creation, but these days, the options are so vast that it’s difficult to find enough time to sleep, let alone meticulously write your innermost thoughts in a diary. ... Read More »

LEGO Wedding Ring


Marriage. All in all it’s just another LEGO brick in the wall. Not as painful or permanent as tattoos, but just as painful to remove from your life, marriage is the ultimate commitment, when taken seriously. The LEGO Wedding Ring is the most effective way to prove your devotion. In other words, how devoted do you have to be to ... Read More »

Vintage-Styled Star Wars Fight Posters: Obi Wan Floats Like an X-Wing and Stings like a Wookiee


Live! Direct from ringside! Anakin “Darth Vader” Skywalker takes on Obi Wan “Ben” Kenobi in the rematch of the century. Doors open at 8:00 pm on the Death Star at Deck 69 of Sector N-One. Ask the locals for directions to the Hard Heart Cantina. Old Red Jalopy, also the designer of the Star Wars-themed alternative movie posters, created these ... Read More »

Kevin Bacon Made of Bacon


Personally, I don’t really see the resemblance, at all. This bacon bust looks more like the love child of Conan O’Brien and Bill Clinton than a sculpture of Sir Kevin Bacon. J&D Foods teamed up with bacon-crafting blog What Do Bacon Do to create this Bacon Bust of Kevin Bacon. The bacon bust is available for purchase on eBay and ... Read More »