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Kevin Bacon Made of Bacon


Personally, I don’t really see the resemblance, at all. This bacon bust looks more like the love child of Conan O’Brien and Bill Clinton than a sculpture of Sir Kevin Bacon. J&D Foods teamed up with bacon-crafting blog What Do Bacon Do to create this Bacon Bust of Kevin Bacon. The bacon bust is available for purchase on eBay and ... Read More »

R2-D2 Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Qui-Gon’s Ashes


When you need to tidy up after the incineration of a Jedi’s corpse, there’s only one vacuum cleaner powerful enough to withstand the midichlorian count of such a powerful master is the R2VAC2, rendered by DeviantArt user Agent-Spiff. You don’t even want to know where C-3PO’s nozzle hose is located. Link [via] Read More »

Angry Birds is Part of a Complete Breakfast


Pregnancy is never easy, but for Shirley Sirivong, the ordeal has been decidedly difficult. After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, complete placenta previa and incompetent cervix, her doctor put her on bed rest and a strictly controlled diet for the remainder of her pregnancy. She’s due in late December and she has already been bed ridden for three months. But ... Read More »

Suckling Pig Cake is Pork-Free


Michelles Wibowo’s painstakingly detailed Suckling Pig cake was made for the Experimental Food Society Spectacular in London. Complete with vegetable garnish, an apple it its mouth and a intricate rotisserie browned skin. Wibowo’s roots are in architecture, but decided to pursue a career in cake design and sugar craft because, well, as you can see, that’s where her true genius ... Read More »

The Original Prototypes of Iconic Gadgets


Every piece of gadgetry we own or have owned in the past started somewhere. There is always an alpha. Even such iconic pieces of gadgetry as the Super Soaker (pictured above) had messy and rough beginnings. Let’s take a step back in time to truly embrace our favorite gadget’s state of antithesis. The products before there was a product. Hit ... Read More »

History Through the Eyes of Frank Miller


Sin City, 300, Batman: The Dark Knight and The Spirit. What do these titles all have in common? They are all the product of the mind of Frank Miller, the trailblazing comic artist and writer who took comics to the next level. Elevating comics from the newsstand to the bookstore and, later, the world of film – serious film. Frank ... Read More »

3D Dinosaur Pancakes: I Dare You To Do Something Cooler


I don’t know Jim. Jim might not be multi-talented, he might be the next da Vinci of the modern world. Like I said, I don’t know the guy. But Jim is an artiste (the extra ‘e’ adds class). A master of the pancake world. Straight up, this man is the Michelangelo of griddled breakfast batter. After a trip to the ... Read More »

Camera-Wielding Inflatable Giant Invades Tokyo


In a culture that’s been terrified by monsters like Godzilla and Mothra for decades, I’m not sure an inflatable giant was the best choice of advertising mediums for the people of Tokyo, Japan. Panasonic used a gigantic inflatable model of their celebrity spokeswoman, Ayase Haruka, wielding a Lumix FX700 larger than two humans, to convince/terrorize the people of Tokyo to ... Read More »

Ninjabread Cookies


Even if you prefer Piratebread or even Zombiebread, you can’t deny the unique design of these Ninjabread Cookie Cutters. Made using strips of 0.5mm stainless steel and a jig to bend them into place, you can make your own Ninjabread Men if you’ve got the right supplies and feel like following some simple instructions at Instructables. If you thought catching ... Read More »

Cross Cultural Contamination: Boring Paintings Jazzed Up


Whether it be an awful landscape or a classic in need of a little modern kick, Jon Hansen’s got the solution with his Cross Cultural Contamination project. Hansen picks up terrible Thomas Kinkade rip-offs and other paintings seemingly made for cheap hotel rooms and spices them up with Navy Seals, Street Fighter, Godzilla and other pieces of pop culture. A ... Read More »