Beer Soap: Bars of Soap Made With Your Favorite Lager


Does that special alcoholic in your life complain about how you so rarely smell like you’ve been drenched in booze? No longer with Beer Soap! Made with an assortment of smelly ingredients and a wide-range of beers, Beer Soap is the only personal washing material guaranteed to give you a buzz if eaten. (Admittedly, there are easier ways to do this.)

In other words, don’t be washing out your kid’s mouth with this stuff. Save it for washing out your own. Available in a nice variety of lagers, including Foster’s, Guinness and Samuel Adams.

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  1. Ha ha ha…. this is awesome! Hope you sell lots of this! People are spoiked if they don’t get some. Seems to go well with this product. Ever get Spoiked?,

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