Beard Flask: For Drinkers Incapable of Growing Their Own

It’s a sad state of affairs, but some people are incapable of growing facial hair that amounts to more than a few sparse patches of fuzz. While that really is a shame all in its self, not having a beard and carrying a flask makes you look more like an alcoholic than a salty fisherman. I’d much rather look like a salty fisherman or even a handy man.

The 6 oz stainless steel Beard Love Flask lets people know that while you humbly respect the power of a beard, you’re unable to grow your own, but are totally willing to have one on your flask. You can get yours for $18 from whimsyandink’s Etsy page, along with an assortment of other amazing flasks.


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  1. Legit! Thanks so much for the buzz!

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