Thursday , 21 August 2014
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LG threatens to sue copycats before launching SHINE

Comparing to Nokia, LG is doing a far better job in handling illegal “replicas”. That is, they act before the replicas had the chance to become popular, before their own product starts selling, and most importantly before they have to hire a law firm. Across the Easter weekend LG has issued a warning letter to shops in Hong Kong warning ... Read More »

TV combo and DVD player for the real Pirates

If you happened to be a fan of the Pirates of Caribbean movie and sick of all those stupid costumes & party balloon packs, you might be interested in this new line of home electronics offered by Runa Japan based on the movie. The retro 14″ CRT TV (with DVD below) is going to look hot in your room, your ... Read More »

Washing machine reuses tub water, dry-cleans leather jackets at home

Sanyo Japan was showcasing their new line of washing machines, AQUA this morning. The one that catches the most attention would be the ability of dry cleaning clothes at home. You heard that right, the wet-washing machine is able to dry-clean your clothes too, and they’re using Ozone. Sanyo was able to lower the temperature down to 50C, making leather ... Read More »

Non-stick toilet means no clean-up for 3 months!

We have non-stick glue, non-stick pan, today we have non-stick toilets, thanks to the Japanese material scientists at Matsushita (Panasonic/National). The secret is that they’re using resin-based materials instead of the usual clay. During an interview with Mr Sakai from Matsushita, we learned that their team had spent more than a year to research on resin modification, in order to ... Read More »

Nokia 5700 3G swivel music phone is for real

Two months ago we saw a design mock-up of a funny swivel phone from Nokia, the tension built up when a source showed us a leaked marketing picture. This was proven to be legit at the company’s announcement this morning, and as we were told, the funky device in the early pictures was indeed the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic phone. What ... Read More »

Music floating in your bubble bath: flat-panel speaker MP3 player

Victor-JVC Japan is introducing a new MP3 player to their “health and healing” line of products, what’s so unconventional about this funny looking audio player is that it actually floats in your tub and plays music right next to your rubber duck duck. Wouldn’t water get into those holes? Good question, and Victor-JVC has it solved by using a NXT ... Read More »

Is it a HiFi? No it’s just a cellphone

You’ve got to give it to them, Chinese companies these days are just commercializing phones that we’ve all just dreamed of at some stage. We had the Nokia N73 clone — Nokir E828 that packed an even larger touch screen with a decent camera at an unbeatable price; we had a cigarette pack incorporated to a phone. Today we came ... Read More »