Sunday , 21 September 2014
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Cyborgs R Us?


In an age of ever-more fantastic gadgets, it's becoming received wisdom that we're all cyborgs now. But as implant hacker Lepht Anonym reminds us, the original vision of the term was dangerous and feral. Videos after the jump. Read More »

Marooned in Mbius


Trapped in a tiny infinity, unaware of its extent, the protagonist of math doodler Vi Hart's drawn dilemma faces a struggle as existential as it is mathematical. Video after the jump. Read More »

Black Widow Hospitality

Photo by Mark Chappell

Wasteful predation might not be a mistake for the occasionally post-coitally cannibalistic black widow spider. Instead, having extra food around may help put a skittish potential mate's fears to rest. Read More »