Thursday , 23 October 2014
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Chargerito: The World’s Smallest Phone Charger EVER


“Our competitors are giants.” This is how developers Alex Andon, Nick Velander and Drew Hauck are describing their Chargerito; the smallest wall charger money can buy. The trio of developers set out to crowd fund their new device, and have exceeded their $50,000 goal by quite a bit. $76,716. That’s right. Nearly 80 FRICKEN THOUSAND dollars. So this device isn’t just ... Read More »

The Absolute Worst Examples of ‘World of Warcraft’ Cosplay You Will Ever See


I almost feel too sorry for these guys to advertise their embarrassment to the world, But not sorry enough! *wink, wink, wink* It all started when Chinese Weibo page ‘Sina World of WarCraft’ launched their “Have Cos Have Beta Key” competition, which offers beta access to the next World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor. The Chinese, being the World of ... Read More »

CONFIRMED: Tetris Film Adaptation is in Production


If I were asked to choose which classic retro video game would never and COULD never be adapted for the big screen, Tetris would have easily been my answer. But here we are. Threshold Entertainment has received the green light from The Tetris Company to produce a film adaptation of the classic block-puzzler. “What started as a simple, computer puzzle game 30 years ago, ... Read More »

Orbitwheel Portable Transportation: Dear God, Please Break My Neck


Orbitwheel is basically like that game where children pull on either side of a poultry wishbone until it snaps, except using the human pelvis. Orbitwheel is a portable transportation device, designed to combine the fun of skateboarding and inline skating. The company flaunts its large wheel radius and easily portable size. Well which one is it, Orbitwheel? Large or portable? Make up ... Read More »

The Six Mile Pencil: Writing For The Distance


If you’ve ever been formally educated (which I assume you have, since you’re reading this article and not awaiting the next scheduled food ration air drop while you swat the flies away from your nipples. Flies love nipples,) then you are fully aware of the hours and hours and hours of time you’ve wasted scribbling useless knowledge, and wasting precious granite, using pencils ... Read More »

Narwhal Slippers: Unicorn of the Sea


Have you ever ridden a unicorn? Liar! Don’t even look at me. Go to your room. Narwhals, the unicorns of the sea. Except narwhals actually exist. And can totally be mounted if you don’t mind an agonizing death. So worth it. I enjoy a pair of Narwhal slippers as much as the next guy. But these. These are a unicorn of a ... Read More »

Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger


You will never own a DeLorean. I admit, that’s a bold statement, and assumes a lot about Our Dear Reader. But for 99% of you, at the very very least, this is a completely accurate statement.  As much as I’d love to bestow upon you the divine luck of extreme wealth and good luck (because really, how many Back to the ... Read More »

A Suitcase That Weighs Itself

I don’t travel all that much. But I pretend I do often enough. Whether I’m trying to seem impressive at a social soiree or name dropping remote islands that don’t even exist on a first date, my outward portrayal of myself is quite the seasoned globe trekker. Consider this my confession for the week, Father James. I’m low on gas ... Read More »

The Surreal Side of the iPhone 6 Plus ‘Bendgate’


While reports are floating in that the iPhone 6 Plus so-called ‘Bendgate’ isn’t the catastrophe that the media was originally assuming it to be, I ponder a simple question. What if…. this were all intentional? Bare with me for a second, dammit! Wouldn’t you take the chance to completely screw up the launch of the fastest selling phone in history for the ... Read More »