12 Disney Face Swaps We Love

Have you ever run in to something online that is just so weird that you can’t stop looking at it? That’s sort of how we felt when we ran across a Disney face swapping Tumblr account the other day.

Take a look at 12 Disney face swaps that we love

Aladdin And Abu

1. Aladdin And Abu

King Triton And Sebastian

2. King Triton And Sebastian

Genie And Jafar

3. Genie And Jafar

Arthur and Archimedes

4. Arthur and Archimedes

Meeko And Pocahontas

5. Meeko And Pocahontas

Alice and the Mad Hatter

6. Alice and the Mad Hatter

Bert And Mary Poppins

7. Bert And Mary Poppins

Peter Pan and Wendy

8. Peter Pan and Wendy

Jafar and Jasmine

9. Jafar and Jasmine

Belle and the Beast

10. Belle and the Beast

Simba and Scar

11. Simba and Scar

Lilo and Scrump

12. Lilo and Scrump

Via: disneyfaceswap.tumblr.com

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