Friday , 21 November 2014

Common Nose Job Terms


Dr. Phillip J. Miller is one of New York City premier cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons. He has over 20 years of experience as a leading expert in Rhinoplasty.  He took the time to put together an infographic describing “Common Nose Jobs Terms”.  He is double board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery and consistently ... Read More »

Diving Into the Maker Movement


Let’s start with an easy question: what is the Maker Movement? According to Adweek, “The maker movement, as we know, is the umbrella for independent inventors, designers, and tinkerers.” To put it even simpler, anyone who makes things can be called a maker. Like the homebrew computer hobbyists who gathered in clubs and conventions leading up to the revolutionary Apple ... Read More »

The 10 Best Apps for Online Students

Image Source: Pixabay

Technology has become an integral part of the student experience. There’s no shortage of apps to help students organize their schedules, stay on track with homework, and pay the bills on a tight budget. Students taking online or distance courses have additional needs that can also be assisted with today’s best apps. Take a look at these options, most of ... Read More »


space adventure

We don’t know yet what – if any – currency card will be used in space, however we are now living in a time where the dream of space tourism is tantalisingly close to fulfilment. It will happen in many of our lifetimes, although there are a couple of limitations to bear in mind. One is timescale – the first ... Read More »

An Overview of the Fiat Doblo

fiat doblo

  The Fiat Doblo is a van as well as a leisure activity vehicle that is produced by Fiat. It was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2000 and has seen some modifications over the years to make it the impressive panel van that is available today. The Fiat Doblo is available in a variety of sizes in order ... Read More »

RAID 0 – Ultimate Performance Until Something Goes Wrong

raid 0

RAID 0 provides ultimate speed for your data – until something goes wrong and you need RAID recovery. AID 0 provides ultimate speed for your data – until something goes wrong and you need RAID recovery. For the ultimate in computer performance and speedy data access, nothing comes close to RAID 0 for disk arrays. Although the computer industry continues ... Read More »

Rad Pieces of Kit for Your Business


Do you ever long for a dolloping of pizazz in your business? A rad bit of kit or service that will light up your customers’ eyes and have them coming back for seconds? Well, you’re not alone – any self-respecting company with success on their mind wants a new service to wow consumers. That’s why we’ve put together these classy ... Read More »

How Pitchi Videos Are Changing Lives


In a fast-paced internet world, where everybody has something to sell, it becomes hard to connect with the right audience at the right price. But you see, back then, the web was only one-way, meaning content could exist, but with no action from the reader’s side. And since there was a need to embrace user interaction, the inventors of the ... Read More »