Feeling Lazy? Here are Some Ways to Self-Motivate this Winter


Occasionally we all find ourselves stuck in a rut, helpless to do anything but let the days pass by without getting any work done. If this kind of rut goes on for a continuous period, like a month or more, you might be suffering some from mental illness like depression. And like any illness or injury, it can be fixed ...

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The Many Benefits of Riding a Bicycle


It may be hard to believe but the modern bicycle is about to become 200-year-old technology. Far from archaic, bike riding remains as popular, if not more so, than ever before. Cycling can be functional, fun, or both. Better yet it can help in a number of other ways: Physical wellbeing The health benefits of weekly bicycle riding have been ...

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Essential Gadgets and Must-Haves for your Office


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends 44.5 hours in the office each week. That’s a lot of time! That’s only second to the amount of time that they spend sleeping. While some simply need a framed family photo on their desk to make it their “space”, others want the latest technology to guide them through ...

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5 Anime Shows on Netflix You Should Watch

fullmetal alchemist

anime For those who don’t know, anime are Japanese animated tv shows aimed at a wide range of viewers starting from kids to adults. While you’ve probably heard or even seen Pokémon before, what you don’t know that that’s not what anime is limited to. Anime caters to 5 target demographics – children, adolescent boys and girls and adult women ...

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Researcher Says Robots Need to be Protected By The Law


Robots are more than just science fiction. Thanks to Moore’s Law, computing and robotic technology is coming closer and closer to full integration in our everyday lives. But as researchers race to create robots capable of assisting and working alongside human beings, some ethicists are concerned about how robotic protection laws should be structured. After all, humans have a pretty ...

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ECWID: The Vanguard E-Commerce Platform in the World

Chances are that a many of those who prefer to spend the better part of their day surfing on the net or working online haven’t heard of Ecwid yet. But then there are innumerable Fortune 500 companies that countless people throughout the world haven’t heard of. Does the ignorance of these persons make these corporations or conglomerations any less notable? ...

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How Tech Is Changing Stores In 2016


Mobile technology has pretty much transformed human life in the past decade or so when you really think about all the innovations that have come with the rise of smartphones. We communicate, organise, exercise, entertain ourselves, and even conduct business in new ways thanks to all that these phones have to offer. But the changes haven’t stopped coming just yet! ...

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Best Space Films of This Decade


Sci-fi films have a special place in people’s hearts. Though they seldom get the recognition they deserve from big wigs like the Academy, science fiction movies capture people’s imagination like no other genre does. Rooted in reality, they deal with concepts that are larger than life – that’s what makes them tick. That’s why it resonates with children and adults ...

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When It’s the Right Time to Say I Love You

I love you

All in good time. Many men want to know when the right moment for saying those famous three words I love you comes. It’s just three words but how powerful they are. They are hard to voice and at the same time so much awaited. Timing is very important if you’ve made up your mind to say those words to ...

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5 Activities You’re Never Too Old to Pick Up


A lot of people think once you hit a certain age, you’re too old to learn anything new. This is blatantly untrue. Of course, there are certain activities that do have age limits. For instance, you can’t take part in your state’s Under-Nineteen competitive swimming contest if you’re thirty or start a career as a doctor when you’re a fifty ...

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